Graph Corporate Cards — Corporate Spending Made Easy

Managing business expenses is like balancing a scale. You need to empower your team to easily make purchases essential for day-to-day…

Graph Corporate Cards — Corporate Spending Made Easy

Managing business expenses is like balancing a scale. You need to empower your team to easily make purchases essential for day-to-day operations and seize opportunities that drive growth. Yet, maintaining control over company funds and ensuring responsible spending is crucial.

This leaves you wondering: “How can I streamline spending without compromising on accountability?” Your answer has two words — corporate cards.

What are Corporate Cards?

Corporate cards are debit or credit cards specifically designed for businesses. They empower employees to easily cover authorized expenses without the hassle of using personal funds and waiting for reimbursement.

For employers, corporate cards include features that enable oversight and accountability, such as spending limits and real-time expense tracking. In essence, they help you achieve that balance between convenient and controlled spending.

With Graph Corporate Cards (debit), striking this balance is even simpler and easier.

What are the Defining Features of Our Corporate Card Offering?

1. Centralized Control and Real-time Insights

To help you create that win-win situation of keeping your team agile and your company’s spending in check, we offer a simple solution. You can easily issue individual USD debit cards to each department, all connected to a single, user-friendly platform.

This way, you delegate spending authority while maintaining complete control from one hub. This allows you to set spending limits, track transactions in real-time, and ensure all expenses align with your company’s financial goals.

Having this central control hub also simplifies expense reporting, as you automatically have a single source of truth for real-time spending insights across all departments. Such insights can also help you identify spending trends, pinpoint areas for potential optimization, and make informed decisions about budget allocation across the entire company.

2. Advanced Security

Card fraud losses reached $32.34 billion in 2021. So we get it: unauthorized spending and security breaches are valid concerns when issuing corporate cards. The good news is that primary card issuers are beefing up security with more sophisticated technology, such as improved versions of 3D Secure (3DS), which fortifies our cards at Graph.

Think of 3DS as an additional layer of verification that guards against fraudulent or suspicious activity, keeping your company’s finances safe.

3. Digital Wallets Linkage

About half of global online purchases in 2022 were made through mobile wallets, making them the most popular way to pay online. This trend is expected to keep growing, with mobile wallets accounting for over 54% of all online payments by 2026. Digital wallets are also expected to be responsible for 33.4% of all point-of-sale spending by 2024.

This is why we’ve ensured that you can easily link Graph Cards to popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay for faster online and point-of-sale payments. This not only streamlines the process for everyone but also adds a layer of convenience that today’s tech-savvy workforce craves.

4. Worldwide Card Acceptance

Graph Cards grant your business global accessibility when it comes to payments. The reason is our physical and virtual cards are issued on the Visa network, which means acceptance is practically everywhere.

Say your employees have to fly overseas for crucial meetings. With Graph Cards in their wallets, paying for flights, hotels, meals, and supplies becomes a cakewalk. No more worries about currency exchanges or carrying loads of cash — just swipe or tap, and they are good to go.

5. Unlimited Cards

To offer you even more flexibility and freedom, we’ve ensured that you can issue as many cards as required. Imagine having the freedom to create cards for each department, project, or even team member, all without worrying about limits.

This not only streamlines expense management but also enhances transparency and accountability within your organization. Such granular control also empowers you to gain deeper insights into spending patterns and optimize your financial management strategies.

What Can You Do with Graph Corporate Cards?

  • Subscription Services: Set up recurring payments for software subscriptions, memberships, and other regular services.
  • Marketing and Advertising Campaigns: Allocate funds for marketing initiatives, digital advertising, and other promotional activities.
  • Employee Travel and Accommodation: Enable employees to easily settle travel expenses, including flights, hotels, meals, and transportation.
  • Expense Tracking for Projects: Create dedicated cards for expenses related to specific projects, allowing for easy tracking and reporting.

Streamline Corporate Spending with Graph Cards

With our corporate cards, we are offering you a simple yet robust solution for managing business expenses. You can go from juggling multiple payment methods and tedious expense tracking to effortlessly empowering your team with secure cards. This streamlines spending, enhances accountability, and provides real-time insights into your company’s financial health.

Embrace an easier way to manage corporate spending. Get started on Graph today.