Why We’re Building a Global Business Banking Solution at Graph

Ever since we kicked off Graph, we’ve been reminiscing about the journey that led us here. We’ve been in the shoes of the customers we’re…

Why We’re Building a Global Business Banking Solution at Graph

Ever since we kicked off Graph, we’ve been reminiscing about the journey that led us here. We’ve been in the shoes of the customers we’re aiming to help now, and in this article, we are providing a candid look into why Graph is building a global business banking solution.

The Global Landscape: Full of Challenges and Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how we do things. Now, businesses can easily connect with a large pool of talented people, customers, and suppliers without worrying about where they are. But with this exciting opportunity, there are also challenges.

Reflecting on our experience, we recall how connecting to the global marketplace meant businesses had to rely on traditional financial institutions to manage their finances. This translated to the complex task of handling multiple accounts and currencies across diverse markets, coupled with the weight of expensive fees for cross-border payments, slow settlement processes, and other challenges.

During this time, we learned firsthand the hurdles businesses face in attempting to scale. We clearly saw that for us and many others, the challenge wasn’t just about reaching out globally; it was about tackling the financial complexities associated with doing that. Talk about ‘new levels, new devils’ :)

At Graph, our goal is simple: to help businesses overcome these hurdles and thrive globally. We believe every business should have the tools to navigate the global stage effortlessly. That’s why we’ve crafted an easy-to-use global business banking solution.

How Graph’s Global Business Banking Solution Empowers Businesses

Graph’s global business banking platform is not just a service — it’s more or less a support system designed to help businesses rise above the limitations of traditional banking as they seek to operate and thrive on a global stage. To make this a reality, our solution offers businesses the following benefits:

1. Streamlined Global Transactions

Forget the headaches of traditional international banking — complex forms, lengthy settlement times, and hidden fees. Our Global Payout System empowers businesses to easily, quickly, and cost-effectively send money across over 90 countries, eliminating the friction associated with traditional methods.

Unlike conventional alternatives that can take days, Graph’s settlement timeline doesn’t go beyond a day. This means your funds can reach recipients faster, improving your cash flow and fostering stronger business relationships with international partners.

2. Simplified Expense Management in Multiple Currencies

Managing expenses across international borders can quickly become a logistical nightmare. Traditional methods often involve juggling multiple bank accounts for different currencies, leading to a loss of transparency and a significant time investment in reconciling transactions.

However, Graph’s Multi-Currency Accounts change this reality by offering a single platform to hold and manage funds in various currencies. This provides a consolidated view of all your global finances and eliminates the need for multiple bank accounts and the associated complexities.

3. Enhanced Security and Control with Corporate Cards

Traditional expense management methods often rely on cash advances or personal credit cards, which can lead to security risks and difficulty tracking expenses. We’ve built a better alternative — Virtual and Physical Visa Corporate Cards. These cards empower businesses with both streamlined spending and robust security features, such as 3D Secure technology, that limit the risk of fraud.

Plus, unlike traditional corporate cards that may have limitations on international use, our cards are globally accepted by Visa merchants. This allows your employees to make authorized purchases, including paying for ads, travel, etc., anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for cash advances or inconvenient currency exchanges.

4. Effortless Market Expansion

The global B2C e-commerce market is expected to be worth a staggering $7.9 trillion by 2030. With Graph’s global banking solution, businesses can position themselves to easily tap into this immense growth opportunity, as they won’t have to grapple with traditional banking problems that may delay their expansion plans or hamper their ability to capitalize on emerging markets.

By leveraging our multi-currency accounts to seamlessly send, receive, and manage funds across multiple regions, even businesses in emerging markets can easily unlock new markets and customer bases. This levels the playing field, allowing them to compete on a global scale while stimulating the growth of their respective economies.

Grow with Graph

This is only the beginning. As we evolve, we will be expanding our support for additional countries and currencies. We’re also committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our customers, ensuring our global business banking solution keeps evolving to address current and emerging needs. This way, you can concentrate on excelling at what you do best — scaling your business globally and serving your customers. With Graph, your growth journey is and will always remain a partnership in progress.

Ready to unlock your full potential in the global marketplace? Get started with Graph today and experience everything from streamlined global transactions to effortless expense management. Join the future of global business banking; sign up with Graph today!